My Word for the Year 2013

Since 2010 I’ve taken to choosing a theme for the year instead of compiling a list of resolutions. And I think it’s been pretty okay so far. Not amazing, but somehow I’ve managed to follow through on the theme for an entire year.

For 2010, I picked “Joy”. I had just lost my mother in the middle of 2009, and a large chunk of my wellbeing got lost as well. I wanted to be able to regain the ability to be giddy and joyful. I got my MA in Pastoral Ministry in March of this Year. I embarked on new experiences,met new people, traveled, tried teaching again, and discovered blogging. I wasn’t giddily happy at the end of the year, but was well on my way to healing.

For 2011, my word was “Compassion”. I wanted to let go of (some of) my self-centeredness and open myself to the plight of the poor, the pain of people around me. During the year I tried to focus less on my own angst and tried to help others. I did quite a bit of volunteer work too,

Last year, it was the double-edged sword, “Gratitude” and its flipside, “Generosity”. I counted my blessings and amazed myself with how much I had been given, how abundantly God has provided for me. The only fitting expression of my gratitude is to be generous in paying it forward. For the first time, I tithed 10% faithfully. It was painful, but sweet — as God could not be outdone in generosity and I have never wanted for anything.

So what’s my word for this year?

After playing with a few other words in my head, “Passion” seemed right. I need to tap into my deepest desires and take steps in the pursuit of them. God has blessed me with abilities and longings that are meant to glorify him and bring me joy and fulfillment. I have been neglecting them and keeping these lights under a freaking bushel, and I think it has caused a vital part of me to shrivel up inside. So with God’s grace, I shall have a fire lit under my ass that will get me off of it and running in pursuit of my passions.

So… “Passion”. Under this umbrella heading are four areas that I have to work on.

  1. Creativity — I have to get my mojo back. I promised myself I will do at least one creative thing every day. Drawing, sculpting, cooking, taking pictures — I can take my pick.
  2. Theology — I have to devote a day a week working on my thesis.
  3. Service — This entails attending household meetings, volunteering, praying — all with rekindled passion.
  4. Lovelife — hey, I’m not getting any younger. I have to stop waiting for things to happen. I have to mix it up a bit and be more proactive. I have no game plan yet, but it’ll come.

So there. Hope and pray this theme works.


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